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March 30th, 2013, 08:23 AM
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Tara, I don't mean to minimize your experience or seem like I am trying to nullify it in any way. I can't imagine what you went through and how terrifying it must have been.

That said, midwives are trained in many maneuvers for these situations that doctors, hospital-only midwives, and nurses are often not (because they simply fall back on csections immediately). Midwives know that they do not have immediate access to a c-section, and so they have training in far more effective ways to manage the situation than just trying random things and hoping that something works. When I was in midwifery school, we had to demonstrate a thorough understanding of ALL of these maneuvers and techniques before we were even allowed to observe or participate in births. If you would like to know more about the midwife technique for cord prolapse, feel free to ask in another post or private message, as like the other ladies, I will not be responding to this post again after this.

I fail to see the point of this post at all. (though I also did not see what happened in the first post about going au-natural after I added my response). Lady Morgan (or whatever your name is), if you don't want a homebirth, don't have one. It's that simple. There really is no need to start a post debating hospital vs. out of hospital births. And it does absolutely NO good to ANYONE to fill your posts with misleading, twisted to fit an agenda, or even flat out WRONG "facts". I have plenty of REAL facts, studies, statistics and information against OBs and hospitals, but what would be the point in starting a post with them other than to start drama or upset other members? There isn't one!
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