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March 30th, 2013, 08:36 AM
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I agree with the others. Things change. My first was born in 2008. I had no idea women took weekly belly photos then. I took them with my second. I have one pregnant picture with my first. But I also went crazy with my first. Crib, all sorts of clothes, I MADE people touch my belly, all sorts of baby things I wouldn't need just wanted, etc.

My second I wanted diapers. We had a PnP. We don't buy an outfit for her every time we're in town. I don't go to the expensive baby boutique to shop for her, and she doesn't have a fancy stroller. I got her a $15 umbrella stroller.

This baby I'm collecting diapers already. I'm collecting clothes. That's about it. I want a shower this time. Hope I can get one.
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