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March 30th, 2013, 11:34 AM
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I don't think it is mean, but when he sees everyone else in the house getting junk food without having to earn it he may have some hurt feelings over it.

I would just start limiting everyone in the house's junk food and making everyone in the house be more active along with him. So that way its not a YOU need to lose weight thing and more of a WE ALL want to be healthy thing.

When it starts warming up outside by you (if it hasn't already) start doing more outside. Take family walks/bike rides. When my older son was that age we would bring a grocery bag on the walk and collect cool rocks and leaves and stuff. And give him activities to do that are fun and keep him active, whether its organized sports or getting some outdoor toys and playing them with him. As for inside maybe start turning on music and dancing around with him. Or get on the floor with him and make challenges like who can do more sit ups or push ups...whatever you can do to make it fun with him so it seems like a game.

My 16 yr old has battled pudginess, and she is naturally short. So I just started stepping up healthiness and doing more physical activities with her. She loves to dance so we started doing Zumba together (even though I stink at it!). And we take walks together when its nice outside. She didn't love going for walks so I started saying I wanted to get ideas for our flower beds and we started walking around an paying attention to everyones flowers, so that made it fun for her. As a family we all love to go on bike rides and we got one of those pull along trailers for my little one to go in. Plus we go outside and all play basketball together and stuff.

When it comes to food I stopped putting out so much food. I make everyone's plates and then put the leftovers away (I usually cook enough to be able to have a meal from it a second day that week since we are pretty busy and I hate fast food). And I love salads because I have been on a diet so I have gotten her into them too.

I have seen some really cute ideas like having your kids help you cut up fresh healthy snacks and storing them in ziploc bags in the fridge so they can help themselves to them.

Its really good that you see the problem now and are being proactive Its much harder when kids are older and trying to lose a lot of weight.

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