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March 30th, 2013, 11:49 AM
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Do you struggle, or hesitate, with trusting other people with your kids? Not yet, it hasn't been an issue.
Do you have a limit on how much you trust particular people? No
Is there anyone you trust 100%? Of course, DH, my mom, my FIL, any aunt or uncle who knew what they were doing. I don't completely trust my dad with M at this age because he is so absent minded and doesn't foresee obvious dangers very well, but I trust him to, like, be nice to her and stuff. Similar with my brother, he just doesn't know how to do childcare. My ILs have more experience!! And I do totally trust them. Once M starts preschool I will be trusting the teachers there to take care of her, I know they will do a good job and they know what they are doing.

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