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March 30th, 2013, 04:57 PM
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Do you struggle, or hesitate, with trusting other people with your kids? I do... Reason being that everyone in my family, including me, trusted my grandfather . . . and then right before he was diagnosed with cancer we found out he was molesting my little sister. I also trusted a school teacher with my son; her and I go along great and she seemed so great with the kids whenever I sat in on class. I found out she was dumping out my son's lunch when he wouldn't listen, breaking his toys when he wouldn't listen, and once dropped him on the floor. My son said it was on purpose; I didn't assume it was, but shortly after that my son was trying to step on her foot and while I was trying to stop him she INTENTIONALLY stomped on his foot. I was literally horrified. I left (we walked home from school) and she literally followed me back to my house trying to tell me it wasn't what it looked like. Hello . . . I WAS RIGHT THERE. I SAW FOR MYSELF WHAT HAPPENED. I also once saw what I thought was a parent beating their child in the parking lot, and I yelled for them to stop, and the school officials came out and handled it. Turns out, it wasn't even the child's parents doing that. So, my experiences have certainly shaped my ability to trust people with my kids.

Do you have a limit on how much you trust particular people? Yes, and it's always changing.

Is there anyone you trust 100%? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. No. I guess because there are people that I WOULD trust 100%, but then I think of my grandfather and think, crap, maybe it doesn't hurt to just always realize there is a possibility I'm wrong about who I trust. but we have sitters and family members that I trust a lot, I would even say 100% if not for my previous experiences.
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