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March 30th, 2013, 05:18 PM
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A couple posts back, I talked about a woman having an emergency hysterectomy. All lies, she was a troll. We've been seeing our fair share of the beasties in the October DDC. I guess there's no better club for them. lol

Also found out one of the members of my last DDC was a troll. She was with us 9 months, had a birth story, had doctor questions and everything! I really liked his or her character, and it's so surprising to find out after nearly 2 YEARS of believing in this person that they weren't real. I guess from now on "I only like posting pics on facebook" should be a clue? Her account here was completely deleted. I can't even search her name.

Anyway... My last appointment was at 12 weeks. My doctor couldn't find the heartbeat so she brought out the u/s. The child was in there doing acrobats. lol Silly me, I was sucking down a cherry slushy while waiting. Going back on the 3rd to hear the heartbeat.

Acid reflux is tolerable. Vomited once from it, and I'm waiting for some meds to kick in while I write this. Going to try and make a bracelet tonight.
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