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March 30th, 2013, 09:29 PM
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[B]Name (user & real): katydae88 Lana
Age: 41 (41 in Aug)

SO/DH: Pat
Age: 46
Do you have any children? Angel or otherwise? DS will be 23 in May; DD is 20

How long have you been TTCing: 17 cycles/months (soon to be 18 in April)

Where are you at in your journey (waiting, IUIs, IVF): in the 2WW but have a feeling I am out

Would you like to share how you got to this point in your journey? Pat and I got married on May 13, 2010. He doesn't have any biological children. He and is 1st wife had 4 miscarriages and adopted 4 older children (aged from 9-14 at the time, the oldest is 31 now and the others are all in their 20's).

Pat told me that he didn't want any children but throughout the 1st year of our marriage he kept asking me if I wanted to have his baby and every time he asked I said yes. I had my tubes tied after my I delivered my daughter so I had a tubal reversal on Sept 30, 2011. The dr told us to wait 2 cycles before ttc but we went ahead and started in OCt 2011.

My dr told me to use OPK's and I never got a positive on them from Oct through March. So I called my dr and asked to be put on Clomid. I wasn't monitored during the 3 cycles that I took it. After I found this board, I learned that I should have been taking my OPK's at different times of the day not just during the morning!

I started temping and charting in Jan of this year and I am very excited to see that I do O!! When we had our work up prior to my tubal reversal everything for me was fine but my DH's SA showed that he had low motility I have tried to get him to take Motility Boost or other vitamins/herbs but I can't seem to talk him into it

I went to my dr in Jan because we had been trying for over a year and not having any success in getting pregnant. He scheduled me for an HSG to see if my tubes were blocked. They weren't but it showed that I had a polyp that was blocking my cervix and acting like an IUD. So I had a sonohysterogram in Feb that showed that I did have a polyp but it was nowhere near my cervix and wasn't blocking it after all.

My dr told me that he wanted to monitor for me for 3 cycles before moving on to IUI's. Well I was monitored in Feb but when I was going to get my u/s done this cycle they told us we owed them $881 and the u/s would cost $255 and they wanted us to pay all of that when I went in so my DH had me cancel my appt because we didn't have that we are just stuck ttc on our own and I am afraid that it just won't happen without more medical assistance besides taking Clomid

I also had my Progesterone levels checked last month/cycle and it showed that it was low so I now take Progesterone suppositories.

In all these months of ttc I have yet to get a BFP I hate that it was soo easy for me to get pg with my two older kids but now it is soo hard. I know that I am lucky to have my kids but I really want to have one with my DH. I just know he would be a great daddy

Anything else you would like to share? I am in college full time getting my Early Childhood degree sometimes I think the stress of going to school, doing homework, and interning puts a lot of stress on me. Then my DH is the only one working right now and I think that causes stress on him because he worries about how we are going to get all of our bills paid. I hate it that insurance doesn't cover infertility tests and treatments!! I also hate that we owe over $2,000 to the dr and hospital for the HSG and sonohysterogram

Sorry this turned into a book

My Ovulation Chart
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