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March 31st, 2013, 11:12 AM
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I didn't see a thread about miscarriage so this is the only place I thought would be fitting, as this was definitely unplanned!
I am now 35, and have been pregnant now 10 times. 3 years ago after my 4th child was born, my hubby got a vasectomy. My period was a few days late this month and I took 2 tests, both negative, so I assumed I was safe, and his V was still good.

I started spotting which is very odd for me, i never spot, I go full force and dont stop till my period is over. I spotted 2 days, then woke up yesterday morning with pain so bad I couldnt move, my right side and my bladder hurt the most, i laid there for 2 hours in agony until i got a tylenol 3 so I could care for my 2 smallest kids. 2 hours after that I passed a little clot, with some white stuff and veins in it, but surprising alot of the pain and bleeding stopped after that, and I immediately suspected a miscarriage...

I called a l&d nurse at my hospital where I deliver and told her everything and she said it sounds like I was losing an early pregnancy that just didnt implant correctly thats why my tests were negative. i told her but my husband had a vasectomy and she laughed! After that my belly got very swelled, and I was running a 100 degree fever, and got a horrid headache that did not respond to pain medicine and a chemical depression feeling come on me.

Well today im bleeding like a heavy period and passing clots, and I am still feverish and achy all over, sleepy, grumpy, and i feel very toxic, just not myself at all!! the swelling in my belly is down a little now...

my husband is angry to say the least,i cant even talk to him about this at all or he blows up, he said he got a little concerned about the pain he had for 3 years where he had the V had suddenly disappeared, and I jokingly said " i bet it all grew back" i had no idea....I feel so alone..

Is it normal to feel this bad after such an early loss? are there any other mums out there that had this happen after a vasectomy? not too many people believe me!! I have seen the boards, there are alot of other surprised people out there too! Will this happen again? I don't want a baby anytime soon, in 3 years we were gonna talk about a reversal...just talk about it.

im not upset about losing the baby really, i didnt know i was pregnant, and I'm shocked, and kind of happy that if I want another baby it could very well be a possibility,, yesterday was horrid i felt so sick but i wonder if anyone can relate to me and tell me how long to expect to feel so bad. my last mc was 10 years ago, and I dont remember feeling so nasty, i remember PAIN but not this, i feel like theres sewage in my veins.

thanks so much for your help.
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