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March 31st, 2013, 04:06 PM
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Wow!!1 I am so sorry that your friend is not being supportive. I definitely understand how that feels. I have told a handful of people that we have been struggling with TTC and having to move onto TTC with MA. And once I mention that it just seems like they totally shut down. They don't understand how we had our DS without any issues and why should we have issues now that we just need to keep trying (UM how about the fact that DH had testicular cancer and the treatment that saved his life is also the one that royally screwed up his remaining testicle that makes sperm). I had told someone that I was really close to that we are proceeding this way and she said that we were being selfish because our future kids would probably have health issues/birth defects. So after that convo, I have pretty much stopped talking about it all together.

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