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March 31st, 2013, 07:38 PM
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Hmm. I have no idea how there could be an effective method for getting my baby's head off of the umbilical cord and get the baby through the birth canal without risking it getting trapped again. I got the pressure off only by being in that rear-up, chest-down position but there is no way I could have given birth that way and zero guarantee the baby's cord wouldn't get more compressed as she got lower in my pelvis again. Just to be clear, the cord was still IN my uterus and I don't think the midwife can stick her hand inside my uterus to make sure the cord stays out of the way. If she did, it would be INCREDIBLY painful, I'm sure, and I imagine could cause fetal distress itself (not to mention maternal distress - yow). I was only 3 cm dilated as well, so this would be pretty much impossible. It's not like the baby had a nuchal cord and was on the way out. I see no safe way out in that situation other than a c-section... at least not a way that minimizes the chance of brain damage or baby dying nearly as much as an emergency c-section does.

But, whatever info you may have, I think you should post it here for all to see since it's relevant to the discussion, right? Why not? *shrug*

BTW, I understand certain people bowing out of this conversation if they are stressed out. That's totally fine. But I think implying that the whole conversation should be shut down because some people would rather not participate, is not necessary considering some others might benefit from discussing it. It shouldn't be a forbidden topic, right? It's a big decision that a lot of women are considering and all these points provide important food for thought.
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