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March 31st, 2013, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Seasaidh View Post
This is your opinion. You don't have the right to force it on other people. You can say what you think, but unless the OP's interests are your greatest concern, it is unethical for you to offer her advice.

She, on the other hand, has the right to an abortion regardless of your opinion.

Here's mine;

Forcing physiological slavery on an independent adult for the sake of a non-viable entity (no, it's not a baby yet) is wrong. (A fetus is the biological equivalent of a parasite - whether it is permitted to continue demanding bodily resources or not is the choice of the person whose body supports it - in this case, it *is not* you.) Her body is not territory over which your feelings or thoughts have any jurisdiction.

Forcing a woman to grow a child inside her (at a great physical cost/risk) and then give it away (at a great emotional/mental health cost/risk) because she can't afford to take care of it herself is wrong.

Forcing people to bring unwanted/unprepared-for children into the world when so many languish unloved in orphanages and foster care is wrong.

See how morality is a matter of individual rationalization and belief? Why is yours so much more valuable than that of a person who thinks that the mother's needs trump those of anything alive inside her?

Lastly, unless you're putting up the money to help her raise this child or get therapy when giving it away is the emotional equivalent of a nuclear bomb in her life, you really have no business telling her she has to keep the pregnancy.

She has the right to decide, and that's the fact.
I could never use the term parasite when describing a fetus,my baby was created by me and someone I love! A parasite is something that has invaded my body unwillingly,and my body would fight it,not nourish it. My blood would not double it's volume for a parasite and my breasts would not fill to feed a parasite,they fill to nourish a baby. A parasite is not born into a human. This is not opinion it is true!

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