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April 1st, 2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by kayakr View Post
So I went in Easter Morning. Got my lining check. 8C So they want it a B or an A. So they increased my dose of Delestrogen and now instead of the IM in the booty DH has to give it to me in my arm. Also the Estradiaol taplets I now take 4 a day instead of 2. I go back Wed! Donor is stimming like crazy they said. She has lots of follies going on. They didn't tell me how many though. Everyone that mentions her says how awesome and sweet she is. They think she will trigger on Thursday night so I need my lining to catch up!

Good Luck everyone! BFP and good Retrievals!!!!
Gretchen! You are doing great!! Dont' forget the retrieval will be Thurs, but you have probably 5 more days before transfer, you have PLENTY of time for that nice, fluffy lining !!!

Tarheel - YAY...that is a great second beta so excited for your u/s!!

Good luck to all the upcoming other U/S too

Trigger went well, but my Acupuncturist is out of town Friday, so praying I have a 5dt, so she can do a session after. Otherwise, I'm trying to line up an acup near my clinic to come do a quick session.

AIMEE, thinking of you!!! When will you get the results???
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