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April 1st, 2013, 04:06 PM
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Hi ladies! Wow there is soooo much going on with everyone and it's exciting!

I've been a little MIA after my hold up in Feb on our fresh transfer and had to freeze instead. I was at risk for OHSS and my progesterone levels had started going up too early.

So apparently I survived the long wait... We ended up with 19 retrieved, 18 fertilized and 12 that made it to day 5 and freeze.
I started PIO 6 days ago and am NOT liking it at all. I have lumps, bruising, and redness. I spoke with RE today and he said he will call in PIO (sesame oil) instead. hopefully that is much kinder to my tooshie.

I had my 2- 5 day FET this morning about 7:30 and everything went really well! I've got a couple pics I'm going to try to post... never done this before. So this will be the longest 2 week wait but thank goodness I've got a box of POAS's so I can test before my beta which will be 2 weeks from today. FX!

Congrats and best wishes to everyone!!!
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Started acupuncture Jan 2013

IUI natural cycle with acup - Jan 2013 - unsuccessful

IVF with acup - March 7, 2013 - ER 19 retrieved, 18 fertilized, 12 5d frosties!
~Had to freeze due to possible OHSS and early spike in Progesterone. :-(
Have to wait for next cycle...
FET with acup 2 hrs prior - April 1, 2013 - 2 great 5d's transferred!
4dpt5d - BFP!!! WOW!
U/S 4/22/13 - 2 yolk sacs!!! Twins!!!

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