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April 1st, 2013, 06:41 PM
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- what did you use? Follistim with IUI (my husband has no issues, so we probably could have done TI, but we wanted to go full in since we were spending so much on the injectables anyway)
- What did it cost? $900 from Walgreens Speciality Pharmacy (with the 30% discount they give you) then another $300 cause I needed more
- what dosage did you use? this was what I did:
CD2 start 125iu Follistim every was super easy, dial the amount you need and inject it...
CD6: U/S and bloodwork E2=87...
CD8: U/S and bloodwork E2=213: L=10,8,8, R=10,8
CD10: U/S and bloodwork E2=390: L=11,11,9, R=13.5, 11...Uterine lining=10
CD12: U/S and bloodwork E2=984, L=14,15,11, R=14.5, 15...lining: 14.5
CD13: U/S and bloodwork E2=1188, L=18,17,11, R=17.5, 17...lining: 14.3
trigger on CD13 @ more FOllistim, HCG shot only (it HURT!!)
IUI on CD15 @11am...
- did it work? yes <3
- did you have any side effects? and if so, were they as bad as clomid (or femara)? No, none except massive bloating, I've never used Femera, but Clomid was horrible for me (and I never got pregnant on it)
- were yours subcutaneous or intramuscular? sub-cutaneous
- what did your insurance cover? insurance was BCBS (we self pay for our insurance and this was the one with maternity) so is like $300/month just for me on it, but it covered 80% of all U/Ss (which were about every other day and then every day as it got closer) all of bloodwork (again, every other day and then every day)...the IUI was self-pay, and the meds themselves were self-pay also
- anything else I should know or ask about?? I LOVE Follistim, its why we have Maiya...$400-500 sounds low from what I know of it...

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