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April 1st, 2013, 08:03 PM
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37 Weeks 1 Day - 4 weeks to go; aches, pains, and oh my...

I think I forgot to mention how both of my ankles are hurting and when I wake up my fingers hurt (well the joints anyways). Crazy, isn't it. Noting I can't handle but I can believe how much they tend to hurt. I would take all the aches and pains over acid reflux. I just can't deal with it anymore. I woke up at 11pm, yes 11pm running to the bathroom bec of the acid reflux. This is the 3 time this has happened in my 3-t. It doesn't matter what I eat at this point, everything triggers it. So I finally broke down and bought Pepcid. It worked for the majority of the day and I felt so much better but it started acting up around the time I had to leave from work. I really hate having to take meds but I just can't be handle how bad it's gotten.

I had a pretty busy weekend. DH finished washing the carpet in the last room so now all the carpets have been cleaned. Sunday we went to my dad's for Easter and that's about it. Holidays gotten more fun with having 2 nephews around. They are both doing so good. Braylen (the older nephew) is now becoming a handful and is going through a screaming phase, he's doing it just for fun if course lol. He is always constantly on the go. Oliver was pretty quite, makes baby noises but is pretty content playing with his toys. Next Easter is really going to be a lot of fun with 3 little boys running around.

Baby is doing good. Not much for changes except I feel him kicking my ribs all the time now and that hurts lol.

I really don't have much of an update. At this point it is waiting for a baby to come. We have a temp starting tomorrow at work to train for my position and take over while I'm on leave. All I can say is finally!!! Talk about really pressing there luck. I am so ready to be down with work right now but I will work right up until I go into labor.

Well...I am tired so I think I am heading off to bed. I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

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