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April 2nd, 2013, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Leanne78 View Post
Fingers crossed for this cycle Amy!!!

Ashley - Before therapy Akadia really wasn't saying anything. She would "talk" all the time but it was just a lot of nothing. No actual words. Now we can't shut her up. I don't know how much was therapy or just maturity (not that she has much of that!) but she has come a long way. Bad thing now is she repeats everything and I do mean everything so our child is quite the potty mouth. Not really bad swearing or anything because we do not do that, but she calls everything stupid and if you make her really mad she'll call you a stupid arse. I really don't know where she got that and we're trying hard to get her to stop saying that stuff. Seems like all they want to say are the words you don't want them too! She speaks in full sentences now but some people still don't understand all of what she says. Just the bad words! If she toots, she goes "Niiice! I stink!" She's really classy...
See Sofia talks in full sentences too. Oh and she has a potty mouth too, so it's not just akadia,must partly be their age! Interesting though that they told. You she won't qualify here they are acting like Sofia is so behind. I. Honestly don't know how much more she could talk, she doesn't shut up all day. They also wanted an OT eval, claiming she couldn't jump or use her fingers right. Except she does all that at home. It's either she just won't cooperate for them, or they are evaluation happy there. I should probably just keep my mouth shut and let them give her free preschool if they want, just kind of makes me mad.

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