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April 2nd, 2013, 08:58 AM
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We JUST went through this. Bax has been taking bottles since he was a week old and early on when he was having weight gain issues he was taking a bottle of supplemental EBM after every nursing session. He started with Born Free bottles and also Dr. Browns. He did great with both. We also had a random Avent one he took ok too. He refused the Tommee Tippee and the medela ones that came with my pump.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, we have been done supplementing for a long time now so he is mostly breastfeeding with the exception of a bottle that DH gives him right before bed. But he barely drinks from his bottles anymore. We tried different bottles and different times of day. We tried the other ones that he refused early. Still no luck. Then one of my friends from elsewhere on JM said that as her son got older his bottle preferences changed. He was EBF but then she went back to work and he went to daycare. He wasn't taking bottles well so daycare tried one of theirs. They told her when they have trouble with a baby taking a bottle they try their kind. Well for him it worked like a charm. So I figured we would try. I ordered one last week and it arrived in 2 days thanks to Amazon Prime.

First time DH gave him this bottle he ate 2 bottles of 4 oz each!!!! DH said he has never taken any of his bottles that well. Yesterday I was ill so DH stayed home to help so he got more bottles than normal. He took them all like a champ!

The bottle is the mOmma by Lansinoh. I have to admit, after seeing the nipple, I see why it works. It's the closest thing I have seen to the real thing yet. Which is funny, I was telling DH just last week I thought it was odd that nobody had made one like a real nipple. Well, this one is.

Can't guarantee this will solve the issue but it worked for us!

Good luck!

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