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April 2nd, 2013, 09:04 AM
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Tuesday: Post 20 facts about your baby

1. Sophia is the first grandchild on each side and is definitely getting spoiled already.
2. She will be getting her first cousin in August! We'll hopefully be finding out the gender on Wednesday. I'm really hoping it's a girl so they can be BFFs!
3. She absolutely loves my two youngest brothers (age 10 & 14). They can always get a smile out of her.
4. She actually just gave us the first tickle laugh last night. So cute!
5. She is quite the roller, from tummy to back. The first time she did was the day before she turned 2 months.
6. She absolutely loves her paci. It's a life saver!
7. She does great on car rides.
8. She already has quite the personality. I think you all know she loves to stick her tongue out!
9. She has become very observant and will stare at her hands.
10. She also loves to kick her feet and grabbed them once for a brief moment.
11. Every morning as soon as I unswaddle her she immediately reaches her hands up above her head for a big stretch.
12. Mommy is her favorite person in the world. This sometimes makes her daddy sad.
13. She recently noticed her future buddy, Max (our dog), and will watch him if he comes close. I don't think he knows what to think of her yet.
14. She went to her first baby music/story time at the library yesterday and absolutely loved it!
15. She is starting to tolerate tummy time for a little bit, kind of. Definitely better than it was.
16. She's always wanting to sit up in our lap and is getting better head control, but still looks like a bobble head a lot.
17. When she is on her left side, she always puts her right hand up on the side of her head. I wasn't sure why she was doing it at first, but it's really cute.
18. She loves her bouncer but just long enough for me to finish my shower and some days get my teeth brushed.
19. I said yesterday that she's a very happy baby, but when she does get upset she sure knows how to scream! She's got quite the loud screech.
20. And she absolutely loves bath time but hates to have her hair dried.
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