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April 2nd, 2013, 10:05 AM
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How's it going? All the new CD mommas experts by now? What works best for your little one?

I wish now that I had just skipped the newborn CD'ing. Everything was so crazy then and we didn't CD a lot for Cam. I'll probably end up selling all the BG newborns, half of them never even used. I'll hold on to all the nanipoo's though. Cambria is now in one size pocket diapers and those are working really well for her. I use a mixture of Green Beas, Alvas and Sunbabies. If I can ever get Akadia out of my BG's, then I will use those on Cam. I have 2 microfiber inserts in them and that is sufficient. When she gets bigger, I'll probably start using hemp as the second insert. Still do disposables at night though on both girls.

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