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April 2nd, 2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by nameetog View Post
That is the problem with a planned section. I kinda wish I didn't have to tell a few certain people WHEN it is. I mean I love my sister I do but she has zero ability to have any kind of boundaries (along with a few other family members). With my son I had to tell her I would refuse to call her if she didn't stop hounding me, NO you aren't coming in the room. She was waiting in the waiting room before I was out of surgery and I hadn't even gone into recovery yet. I have point blank said this time I'm asking nurses to send people away so don't bother because it IS a locked unit yanno. It makes me angry that I can't be the one to decide when and who and how many people come parading into my room. MY family, MY decision. UGH. I really just want the ability to have my kids meet their sibling and oh IDK maybe get like the catheter out and or have a shower or something before I have to entertain people
I'm glad you are able to have the nurses send people away. That is ridiculous that they can't consider basic things like "oh, she just had major abdominal surgery AND has a freshly baked baby. Maybe we should give her a few minutes before we're all over her like white on rice!"

Originally Posted by Number5OnTheWay View Post
Well, I had 2 people tell me this morning that I look tired and like I am done! I didn't feel tired at the time, but now it's wearing on me. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts!! All I know is I have no plans of ANYTHING happening until at least Thursday. Maybe if I didn't have yet another sick kid at home, I could get a little shut-eye.
People suck -.- Hope the kiddo gets better soon!

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