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April 2nd, 2013, 11:01 AM
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Posts: 820 my boyfriend gets this reply from his boss about the time he's taking for paternity leave. Basically his boss is telling him that 'hey, policy says paternity leave doesn't start until she's in the hospital having the baby'. Now, the policy SUCKS but I can see the reasoning for it, and it does make sense. He also says "you can take the (highlighted portion) off, but you would need to use vacation time instead (Unspoken: unless she actually does go into labor on one of those days) " So, boyfriend replies back arguing that that doesn't make sense, and THEN forwards me the email his boss sent him, basically saying he thought his boss was full of crap, but was just checking in case he was missing something.

Wish he would have forwarded me the email before the reply to his boss - because even though his boss might be an idiot, he was quoting a policy that made somewhat regrettable sense.


Oh, and boyfriend is under the impression that because I had Monster on her due date, there's a strong chance I will have George on her due date. O.o I was like " was a rare one. Chances of that happening again are pretty darn slim."

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