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April 2nd, 2013, 12:35 PM
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So at work today I told mostly everyone one by one.....and to be honest....I absolutely LOVE the attention!!! Suddenly I'm in with the cool kids. I almost feel like someone is going to take the rug out from under me to say, "Just kidding!!!" So at work, I work with a group of 4 guys on the evening shift and they have kind of turned into uncles in a way, and they keep telling me things like "now no rough housing anymore" and "no more races to the door after work" and "now you have to eat well don't quit"..... It's really sweet...I love them like my own family

But anyway---so I got a lil nausea but I didn't feel like actually throwing up, bbs are a lil sore, and I'm REALLY hungry and thirsty. So I was at target buying a six pack of ginger ale and when I got to the register one of the cans was leaking...and I wanted to cry about it LOL and the lady asked me if I wanted a new one and I'm screaming in my head, "of COURSE I want a new one!!! You mean I have to go and GET IT???? Are you kidding me?????" I actually found it super funny afterwards.

So yeah things are going good, I'm a lil tired physically but my head feels like I had 10 cups of coffee!!! I can't wait to get home to hubby and cuddle and sleeeeep----I can feel my sleepless night creeping up on me

C ya! E

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