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April 2nd, 2013, 03:51 PM
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Welcome to journalling! Thats one heck of a story to share and I'm glad it helped you to get it all out!

I'm sorry about the headaches, I'm glad that the doctors figured out the cause though and even if the 'treatment' might not be permanent - at least its a problem with a fix right?! (I hope that makes sense lol)

Not sure if you've seen my journal but I too, have had to loose weight during the TTC process. As I live in the UK, my BMI has to be within a certain range in order for me to qualify for fertility treatment on the NHS. When I started out last July I needed to loose just over 30lbs to get my BMI where it needed to be for an appointment in November. I joined weight watchers and the weight came off slowly but I lost what I needed to for the november appiontment, I was and am really pleased I achieved that! I have since put on 3lbs which I need to loose (plus i'd maybe like to loose another 7lbs on top of that) but i found the biggest changes were to my eating habits and made a massive difference.

Anyway...this is long enough please feel free to message me anytime to need to vent about weight though, I've been there! As have a few other ladies on the board too - they were very supportive of me whilst I was seriously dieting!

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