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April 2nd, 2013, 05:42 PM
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FIL thought it would be funny to call my mom and tell her that DH and I left the doctor and found out we were having twins. My mom was in the middle of lunch in a restaurant and started yelling "oh my god!!!". She thought it was true for a moment because she knew I had an appointment this week but wasn't sure what day. After a few minutes she remembered what day it was, got it out of FIL that it was a joke, and then gave hima few choice words of her own while my dad got one heck of a laugh.
Apparently, everyone thought that it was hilarious, well, except my mom, so they decided to call or text the rest of the family with the joke. DH and I were oblivious until later that night when we got a text from MIL asking how dare we not tell her... Apparently, the joke started as us having twins in the afternoon to me being unexpectedly pregnant with triplets by the end of the night when we became aware of the joke. I have a family full of seriously gullible people!!!
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