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April 2nd, 2013, 06:03 PM
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Hello everyone! I'm asking for some guidance please. Since this will most likely be our one and only child, I've decided a natural unmedicated child birth is the way I want my experience to be. I started looking into signing up for the Bradley Method classes, so we both benefit from the class. I don't think our schedules will work out so I'll have to be my own teacher--good for me, bad for DH. (He wasn't thrilled on taking the class anyways)

We just had a huge blow out. DH not questioning why, he gets that. He doesn't understand WHAT it is I want to learn. He says it's all natural and I shouldn't worry about reading and learning as much as I can...I should just 'let it happen'. I think he's expecting labor and delivery to mirror what you see in the movies and on tv. We show up, I push, the dr delivers the baby and we go home. Period. End of story. I keep trying to inform him that we need to learn about the entire process and what he can do to help me. I explained it's just like preparing for a marathon. I just can't show up and think I can run 26 miles. He thinks I'm crazy and I'm just worrying about things I don't need to. I feel like he's not taking this seriously so I brought up about hiring a doula. He now feels I'm trying to push him out of the entire process and he's hurt.

I'm 11w3d so I know we have some time. I've made an appointment with a midwife and we meet her next week. What can I do or say so he will understand where I'm coming from? I know I can get him to come around, I just need to figure out the best way to approach all this. Maybe hearing things from the midwife will help him get it threw his thick skull! Now, the midwife I found is part of a large OBGYN group so she's more 'modernized' than the home birth ones. Any and all advice it appreciated! Thanks for all your help!

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