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April 2nd, 2013, 06:14 PM
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What faith, religion or path did you grow up with? What faith, religion or path do you identify with now? Or are you still seeking?
Growing up they followed a Catholic path, church on Holidays but Sunday School while growing up. I identify myself as Pagan now.

If different, what led you to your new path? If still seeking, what are you currently exploring?
To be honest, I am not quite sure. Christianity didn't seem "real" to me I guess. I never enjoyed going to church it was always a chore and Sunday School was just an annoyance. I found Wicca and that was it

What do you most enjoy about your current path?
My connection with the Divine

If you identify with a faith or religion at present, is there anything in it you don’t agree with?
Not really, I'm going to think more about this and come back

What spiritual activities do you do the most often?
Circles. I love to talk with the Divine in the middle of a Circle the atmosphere is full of energy, and the love I feel surrounding myself is perfection.

What would you say your three core beliefs or values are?
Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Positive thoughts come back positive, and negative manifest negative. And the biggest thing to me, everything we experience in our life is because our soul has a certain lesson to learn. When I am down about what is going on, it lifts me up.

Do you believe in:

Sure do




God as the Divine.

Saints/Ascended Masters

Past lives/Reincarnation



Cosmic ordering/The Law of Attraction
Sure do
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in this time and in the place, I try to live with love and grace
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