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April 3rd, 2013, 01:30 AM
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Random Facts

1. I have a lionfish that I feed by hand, his name is Marty
2. I am a proud Mikmaq first nations, sadly I do not speak my language though
3. I was a teenage mother
4. I have twin boys
5. I once hitch hiked halfway across the country (was young and dumb and ran away from home)
6. I named my son after an X-men character
7. If I start reading a book I cannot sleep until I finish it
8. My favorite movie is La vita bella
9. My favorite book is A painted house - John Grisham
10. I love to stargaze and still remember comet Hale-bopp
11. I have never left the country
12. Yet I have dual citizenship
13. On my dads side of the family I have around 50 first cousins (my dad was one of 14)
14. I once taught a cat how to fetch (my favorite cat, Julio)
15. I am obsessed with ancient egypt, mesopotamia, etc

Pictures I will do at a more reasonable hour

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