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April 3rd, 2013, 05:53 AM
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I am 3 days late and 2 days ago when I last tested it was a bfn. So I asked the doc for some advice and she said you are either late or pregnant (I am thinking really? lol tell me something I don't know lol), but if as you say you have always been regular as clockwork then I would take this as a good sign. And what about the bfn? She said well lots of women don't get a positive test until a week after their period is due so I should basically test again and I should know by the end of the week. I will test tomorrow and IF bfn, will do it again Saturday. I will keep you all posted. Still eating like a pig lol I am constantly hungry, as soon as anyone mentions food, there is times during the day I can even taste food lol, still going to the toilet every hour for a wee, low back pain, on and off cramping and weird cm (sorry tmi) it was milky/creamy and now it has changed since yesterday its just clear and wet I thought the witched had arrived and got upset but it wasn't her it really felt like I had wet myself lol lol. Also yesterday at work I was falling asleep standing up. My eyes were half closed!
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