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April 3rd, 2013, 06:52 AM
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Hi all. Last year I homeschooled my 13 yr old due to epilepsy. It worked out rather well and I loved it! He did a fabulous job on his state tests, which told me it was working. But then I worried about him missing his friends and put him back this year. So about 3 months in, he went back into the hospital, in & out etc... Got very far behind and neuro put him on home-INSTRUCTION, not homeschool. When a tutor comes an hour a day. Anyway, they don't even give him science or SS. And it's been that way all year. He goes to school two hours and his petit mals are triggered by the flickering lighting in the school, so we are getting NOWHERE... So next year, he's coming back home.

This led to my 11 & 8 yr old wishing to do the same. My 11 yr old is in the gifted program at school, so I know she will love homeschooling simply because she LOVES to learn. I've been upset about the influences at her school. We had a great school district, but it's been sliding. A lot of homes around here went into foreclosure, businesses shut down, the parents are stressed and their kids unsupervised. 12 yr olds drinking and having sex etc... And honestly, I'm not an uptight person or paranoid, it's just a matter of basic human morals that these kids today are missing. I get flipped off just driving down the street and I live in a 'good' neighborhood! So after talking with DH, we decided we'd go ahead and pull my 11 dd too.

Then my 8yr old ds, also excelling at school, straight A's, teacher even moved him up a grade level for language arts, but then he brought home his new 'best friend'.....ugh! This boy walked into my house at 8 yrs old and all he did was swear every other word. Then when the mother came to pick him, she started talking about who's #$#$ she was going to kick and proceeded to throw her cigarette on my porch. Then when she called her son to come to her so they could leave, she said :Get your F*** A*** in here!

I'm DONE with the public school system! I have absolutely NO SAY in who my child associates with 5 days a week.

BUT: I'm terrified...3? Is it impossible? Is it hard to work out some type of schedule? I also have a 20 yr old DD, but she's in college, however, she is studying bio-chem, so she absolutely could help out quite a bit on the weekends. Maybe with science? I'd really love to make this work. I've been organizing and reorganizing for the past several months, just trying to make sure I even have to space for this. My family (Mostly teachers and child psychs) is even on board and that was HARD to do! I thought my mothers head was going to start spinning around when I first brought it up, but then she came around. Her background is child psychology and even SHE agreed that socialization is NOT all it's cracked up to be and that a large group of kids teaching each other how to be well rounded adults, was IMPOSSIBLE! They learn adult mature behavior from adults.

So anyway, has anyone else homeschooled multiple grade levels and actually lived to tell about it?!!?! LOL
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