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April 3rd, 2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by NinjaCakes View Post
You are all brave I would rather gnaw my own fingers off than have my mom in the room, and she has said she doesn't think she could be there anyway. She vomited when I got my lip pierced.

I honestly don't know anyone who would be supportive, and that's my hold up. I'm essentially going to be doing this alone. BF is very intimidated by the entire thing so I'm not writing him down on the list of people who will be much help. I would definitely like for someone to be there to take pictures, if nothing else (also not in BF's skill set). I'm willing to give it a try for that reason alone. But if it's someone who is going to pressure me for something I don't want then it doesn't seem worth it, and nobody has been supportive thus far.
Yeah, that is really tough. You don't want someone in there who will add to your level of stress instead of detract from it. Vomiting mothers aren't exactly stress free.

FWIW: your BF *might* surprise you. I have seen it happen, where they really end up stepping up and being helpful. My DH was gung-ho and never expressed any hesitation about any of it...and then completely pancaked both times during labor and delivery. He basically would have been more help out in the hallway pacing the floors! But after the first time, I sort of expected it.

I think in your situation, a doula is an essential. They can really be helpful for some people. And given you don't know HOW you will be in labor (some women are very internal, some need lots of physical support, some need tons of emotional support, etc) it would be really important to have someone who can cover a wide range of needs and be very skilled at doing so.
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