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April 3rd, 2013, 12:56 PM
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I had my OB appt today rescheduled from Monday as my Dr was delivering babies that day . Everything went well. Heartbeat was impossible to count on this little girl as she was so wriggly, but its around 150's. My weight has gone up big time! I put on 10lbs since the last appt which puts me at a net gain of 12lbs over pre-pregnancy weight. I near had heart failure when I seen the scale numbers but my OB isn't worried and said that it was my body's way of catching up due to losing weight with hyperemesis in the first trimester.

Asked her about cervical pressure and she said its because of baby's position and her head is resting on my cervix. She said that as I have a history of a full-term baby, she wasn't concerned about it.

She went over the u/s results and said that everything looks perfect, fundal height is measuring right on. BP was low (normal for me) at 82/56.

She asked me about a birth plan with my vbac and asked what I plan to do for pain management. I told her likely an epidural but I'll go to the point where I can without pain meds first. She was happy about it. She asked if I had looked into any classes with hubby. Told her we haven't and she suggested maybe online classes. We honestly don't have the time to go to birthing classes (wish we did) as hubby is in school and works full time, so time is not on our side.

It made me excited that she was talking about birthing arrangements already! Can't believe we are already over the half way mark!
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