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April 3rd, 2013, 01:10 PM
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Haha... lived to tell about it? Yes! There are tons of people who are doing the very same thing - some of them are on this forum. I only have 2 kids, and we've HS'ed from the start, so I'm probably not much help, but you're doing the right thing, and your kids are old enough that you absolutely won't lose your head. Doing something like this with babies and toddlers under foot is difficult, but your kids are past that stage. They're ready to learn, they're able to read and write, and they'll be able to do independent work while you help one child at a time when necessary. You can use co-ops, tutors, video instruction, computer instruction, or whatever necessary to teach subjects you're not sure you can handle. Don't worry about it. In a year, you'll look back and see that you made the right choice, and you'll have a much better idea what you're doing.
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