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April 3rd, 2013, 01:37 PM
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Hi everyone.

I'm mommy of the most adorable five year old boy in the world. I want him to be a big brother, but not just yet. Right now I don't have custody of him, so I want to wait until he is home and has had me all to himself for awhile.

I've always had real bad side effects from hormonal BC so since I got Implanon removed last year, we've been very irresponsibly ntnp. I guess I will start ttc once he's been home for a couple months. For now, we've decided to try FAM so I don't have to deal with the extra hormones. I'm a little scared of charting though. What if I mess up? I mean if I was dead set against another one, I'd have replaced the implant instead of having it removed, but stil next year would be better.

So that's me..
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