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April 3rd, 2013, 02:40 PM
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Whine: Connor woke up crying for me 5 times last night. each time it was something else he needed...his water bottle filled, his big captian america, his small captain america....He is 3 and usually sleeps all night with out a peep. Except for last night. Out of all nights for him to do this he had to do it the one night that Victoria slept awesome! She slept from 7pm until 5:30am. I could have had a great night of sleep if it wasn't for him waking a billion times.

Wahoo: Victoria seems like she is feeling better. She is acting like her normal happy self, no longer vomiting. The only thing is she hasn't gotten her appetite back yet. She still is only taking 3 oz each bottle. Not too worried since she is having wet diapers still. Hopefully the worst is behind us.

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