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April 3rd, 2013, 05:14 PM
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Hey ladies, just wanted to bounce this off of you who have been through potty training. See if I'm thinking about this right or not!

My son is 3, he turned 3 in January. He is sort of halfway potty trained, I guess. He started potty training during this pregnancy and I haven't always had a lot of energy to put into it. So at this point, he pees in the potty for part of the day, still poops in a diaper, and wears a diaper for bedtime and naptime.

Well I guess DH thinks that I should just force DS to use the potty for pooping, whether he wants to or not, whereas I am not fond of the idea of making potty training a kockdown, dragout fight between me and my toddler. Basically I just suggest the potty from time to time in regards to pooping but DS prefers a diaper. We've tried bribing him and he's not interested in the bribes. He's totally capable of doing it, and tells us whenever he needs to poop in his diaper. He just doesn't want to use the potty for it, for whatever reason.

DH thinks it would be easier on me for having a newborn if we could get DS potty trained first. But I've heard that they can have relapses when they potty train close to a sibling being born. I can totally see this happening, because DS is shy about using the potty and doesn't want anyone helping him but me. Not even his daddy. So while I am out of commission for the first couple of weeks recuperating from delivery, I won't be able to help him much with that. So my plan was to just go with how DS wants to do it right now, even if that means changing diapers for him after Kody is born, because it will require less energy from me than trying to stay on top of potty training.

Am I just being lazy here? I mean I know that I am to some extent but I kinda thought I'd focus in on potty training DS after the birth of the baby.

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