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April 3rd, 2013, 05:52 PM
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Ok most of us are on Facebook and already know but for anyone who isn't and doesn't know about two weeks ago it was discovered that Claire/ HPNerd is a troll. It was suspected after she claimed to be pregnant with twins, had a miscarriage then one survived and then she was told to terminate. A little research (actually a lot because it was a very elaborate lie) and Claire was confronted. Immediately her account and every associated account was deactivated. This is a very long story short I don't want to bring more drama than this created.. but a few people have communicated with the person's responsible (her real name is Sophie) family. They have stated this person is depressed and we figured out she was using her niece's and nephews photos and other peoples for the pictures of her and Bonnie. "Bonnie and Claire's" jm accounts have been banned which is why you no longer see her posts. Again this is a very long story as short as I can make it while Avery is in the middle of eating dinner.

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