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April 3rd, 2013, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by momie2b9-20-11 View Post
I didn't loose any while breastfeeding for 15 1/2 months. I hear so many say they loose and if anything I actually gained By the time I weaned Kynslee I was only 10 pounds lighter then the day before I went to the hospital to have her. And, sadly I gained around 50 lbs with her.

I started dieting more since weaning her and went down a size but then now I'm back up the size and not doing anything differently?! It's soo hard!! I just don't know how to loose weight! All my life until 18 I was a skinny girl and I'd eat all the time and never gain anything! I'd actually have some ask if I had eating disorders. Well, once 18 I hit 125 in about 3 months and then before Kynslee I was 135. I didn't mind too much as I have 34G (DDDD) boobs and I know they account for some of my weight. Well, now I'm sadly at 175 and am stuck going between 170-175.
What were you doing as far as dieting? A few things that have helped me are tracking my food and exercise somewhere like Myfitnesspal (lets you have a more realistic idea how much you're eating and burning), drink TONS of water, exercising (I put Alex in the stroller and we go on walks, I do at least 3 miles most days sometimes upwards of 6. I used to do regular calorie restrictive diet and I did lose weight but it was hard. I was hungry and miserable all the time. This time I've been eating low carb/high fat and this has been the easiest 28 lbs I've ever lost, I feel great and I have a much easier time eating in a calorie deficit required for weight loss because I'm not feeling starved all the time. I have an insulin resistance, so less sugar is a good thing for me anyways.

Of course, different things work for different people and I'm not going to push what I'm doing on anyone at all. But just putting it out there, if you're interested in reading up on it I can PM you some info.

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