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April 3rd, 2013, 10:28 PM
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So I had a great appt today! My 3 year old acted great, and my doctor decided to do an ultrasound just for the heck of it! I got to see our little baby moving around, my son thought it was the coolest thing ever. Lost 1 pound total during the first trimester but my doctor said not to worry. So all was great and on the way out I went to schedule some future appointments. The receptionist caught me off guard when we got to August when she asked what doctor I wanted to see when mine was on maternity leave! I was like uhhhh what??? I had no idea my doctor was pregnant! I am super happy for her, but a little nervous about what this means for me. She is taking maternity leave the middle of August, and I am due the middle of October. The receptionist said she is probably taking 1 month leave, but they scheduled me with a different doctor at the end of August and didn't make any appointments after that. I thought most people took 6-8 weeks of leave, and I'm sure a doctor can afford to take whatever they want. If she took 6 weeks that would mean she would be back 2 weeks before my due date, or 8 weeks would be right at my due date. If it is not likely that she will be delivering my baby, I would prefer to see someone else. I know there is always a chance that it will be another doctor anyway, but I don't want to keep seeing the same person knowing that they probably won't be delivering, know what I mean? I would think that she would have notified the patients that she knows she will not be able to deliver out of courtesy, so I am hoping that means she plans to be back by my due date. I plan on bringing it up at my next appointment (after a congratulations of course!) but it just caught me off guard today and I had to share!
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