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April 3rd, 2013, 11:13 PM
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Ok well this is hard for me to talk about so I'm gonna just do this the best way I can lol

These are my symptoms:
Extremely sore burning and full feeling breasts
Always sleepy
The worst mood swings
Crying for NO REASON!
Strange appetite
Bloating (kinda)
Extreme thirst

Ept- bfn x2
Hcg test - 2.67

Now I had gone to the doctor for a blood hcg and it was a two.... But I feel pregnant. I am so emotional it's not even funny. My husband thinks I'm losing my mind. He thinks were pregnant too! I have another blood test Monday.. I'm so nervous! Has anyone else had this low hcg and still been pregnant??? I'm only about 13 dpo I think..
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