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April 4th, 2013, 08:40 AM
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We didn't even start to potty train my son until he was about 3 years & 3 months (2 months after his little sister was born). He showed no interest, and I knew that with a baby on the way, I wouldn't have the energy to chase after him, fight with him, and clean up the messes! I also thought that he could relapse when the baby was born, and I didn't want to spend all that effort on potty training him when he would just regress as soon as the baby came.

When we started training him, he got the hang of peeing in the potty pretty quickly. But he, too, refused to poop in the potty. It took probably another month or so for him to poop in the potty. We would stash books and stuff in the bathroom--we even got him one of those v-tech v-reader things for the bathroom--and we'd just have him camp out in there until he pooped. So it wasn't a fight really, but he would sometimes sit in there for 45 minutes playing games until he pooped. I think having books to read helped reduce the anxiety for him, and it made it less of a battle. Also, some of those v-reader games are educational, so by the time he was 3.5, he was not only fully potty trained, but he had mastered the alphabet, too (thanks v-tech!).

I don't think you're being lazy, I think you're being realistic. When you have a kid who is newly potty trained, you have to be able to drop everything in a heartbeat to get the kid to the bathroom, and you have to help wipe him, etc. With a new baby, that's just hard. And as someone else said, boys are just different than girls... they take longer. They just don't seem to care whether or not they go in a diaper. They're just boys. So I say relax about it and he'll be potty trained sooner or later--at least before he starts kindergarten!

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