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April 4th, 2013, 09:06 AM
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There are two types of blood tests one that measures the exact amount of hcg and one that says yes/no to pregnancy but doesn't give exact amounts of hcg. After going to the doctors I found out I am switching doctors. What had happen is I had taken the blood test before I received a bfp on the hpts. I have a relatively new ob because it was more convenient to my work. First of all my ob was mean and walked in being rude today (a side of her I had never seen). She walked in said your not pregnant the blood work would show it. She wouldn't let me see the urine test they did. I asked her to look at the other hpts I brought with me, I'll admit they are all light lines but all are clearly pink and a line and all showed up within a minute of taking the tests, she then told me that I was wrong and that every pregnancy test has two pink lines in order to be positive it had to be just as bright as the control. So I then showed her the directions to the first response where it says color or test line may vary but any second line should be considered a positive. She just told well they are wrong your wrong. I tried talking to her about my symptoms and asked to do an exam to check my cervix and such and all I got from her was no your wrong your not pregnant. She refused to do additional blood work to make sure I'm still getting positive pregnancy test from first response brand. Needless to say I am calling my old doctor after work and seeing if they can fit me in asap. I have PCOS and if I am pregnant I want it caught quickly.
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