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April 4th, 2013, 10:01 AM
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we're struggling with this right now b/c Savannah is completely capable of potty training but utterly resistant do doing so...ironically some of the parents of kids in her preschool class forcibly potty trained theirs about 6 months ago - and as a result they had a lot of accidents in class for months - and now she doesn't want to b/c she's afraid of having an accident.

When we discussed with our pedi at her 3 year apt, he really counseled against forcing kids early and said continue to encourage at least until 3 1/2 before getting concerned. As 3 1/2 is now rapidly approaching, and I want her fully trained before baby arrives so that stress doesn't set her back to much, I think we're close to trying a diaperless weekend and just deal with the inevitable accidents...i'm just loathe to force her if I can find a better way to get her to try.

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