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April 4th, 2013, 10:52 AM
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What size clothes is she wearing now? Still in 0-3 months, but not for much longer.

Does she still take a bath in her baby tub? Yep, we have this one -

Where does she sleep for naps/bedtime? Morning and evening naps are usually in my lap, afternoon naps in the carrier or stroller if we go for a walk. At night she sleeps in the pack 'n play.

Does she go to a daycare/babysitter? If so, how does she interact with the other babies? No, I stay home with her. We went to her first baby music/story time on Monday, though, and she loved it! She kept watching all the other babies and smiling.

Does she like a sling? I have a baby k'tan and a baby bjorn. I mostly use the bjorn now. She does great in them.

Is DH doing better now with the whole "Sophia only wants mommy" thing?
Eh, kind of. It still bothers him but I think he's accepted the fact that she's in a mommy stage.

You said that you're not sure how long you're going to BF for - but what's your ideal? Well, before she was born I told myself 6 months, but I'm thinking now closer to a year. We'll see how she does with solids I guess.

Do you find that the parents (Grandparents) have gone a wee bit crazy since the birth of their first grandchild? They've all been surprisingly awesome! No annoying advice unless I ask for it. At least not yet! And they've been very understanding about giving her back to me when she's been away from me for too long and needs comforting.

What's is your favorite nickname for Sophia? Hmm, I have so many! Probably little peanut, since that's what we called her since before we knew she was a girl.

What color do you think she looks best in?

What is your favorite song to sing to Sophia? I'm not really a big singer. When I do it's usually some made up song using her name. Actually the one I sing the most is to the tune of gangnam style - heyyyyy pretty baby, oh oh oh oh oh oh Sophia! lol

When all else fails, what is the one thing that you can always count on to calm Sophia down beside you? Paci. Definitely the paci.

What family tradition would you like to establish with Sophia? Hmm, nothing out of the usual standard holiday traditions that I can think of right now.

What to you most look forward to when Sophia gets older? Doing gymnastics with her! I was a competitive gymnast so I really hope she will enjoy it as well so I can live through it again.

What one trait of yours do you hope Sophia does not get? I hope she won't be as shy as I was. I was a terribly shy child.

What is your favorite feature on Sophia? Her hair! I absolutely love it! And I'm excited for it to get longer since it's going to be curly.

What is something that Sophia does that always makes you laugh?
When she sticks her tongue out over and over again. She actually doesn't do it as often as she used to.

What is something that Sophia does that you can't stand? This new thing that just started where she demands I stand to hold her and screams if I sit down. I'll be happy when this phase is over!
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