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April 4th, 2013, 01:18 PM
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I'm totally freaking out... the first baby from our May DDC has been born! Mama was 35+weeks, but that still hits WAY too close to home... both are healthy Baby was 6lbs, 20 in!

I've been playing a mental game with myself, and I really think I'm convinced I'll go to about 42 weeks.
I'm ok with that... (for now at least) it gives me a lot more time to prepare etc for birth and baby.

But now I'm worried, what if I don't go that far! I'm sure baby would be fine, and healthy.... but I'm just not ready. (stuff wise, or mentally)

Did you make it to your due date? Were there signs and signals (did you have a "feeling" you wouldn't) if you had your baby early. Baby sure feels nice and secure in there, but I wouldn't want to put too much stock in that!

I know I'll feel better after our shopping trip early next week... but until then... Panic button has been pressed!

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