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April 4th, 2013, 01:22 PM
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Does anyone plan their week or month of meals ?

I am trying something new and planning a months worth of meals. I make my bigger meal at lunch(feeding 8), so needs to be pretty low work to make because we also have school in the mornings. Then for supper we usually have leftovers from the night before or sandwiches.

Here is what I have Mondays(beef) smokies, sausage, beef on bun, taco
Tuesday(chicken) Crock pot sweet&sour chicken, whole chicken, wings, chicken enchiladas,
Wednesday(anything) meatballs, sausage , pork cutlet
Thursday(breakfast) sausage waffles, egg casserole
Friday(beef) BBQ hamburgers, chilli, spagetti
Saturday(soup&sand) pizza buns,
Sunday we usually only feed ourselfs so dont really need to plan

So I need your ideas !!

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