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April 4th, 2013, 05:35 PM
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I just wanted to check in and say that I miss posting here more regularly. You all might remember that DH was laid off in November. He started a new job on February 25, and Jackson has been in daycare since that time. Things have been pretty darn hectic in my life, and I've not had as much time to check in here. I definitely keep up with everyone on Facebook. I also read a lot of posts here, but I just don't manage to post as much myself.

This is Jackson's sixth week of daycare. We chose the center on my college campus, and it's been a real treat to be able to go over and nurse him daily. Some days, when I'm utterly exhausted and can't think straight, that visit lifts me up and gives me the energy to make it through the rest of my workday. Unfortunately, Jackson has been sick almost the entire time. I believe it's safe to say that he contracted three separate colds, which DH and I also got. Two of those illnesses were accompanied with fever above 102 or 103, so we've had lots of sick days filled with cuddles.

We also had some issues with Jackson adapting to daycare. He went one week, was out the entire next week sick, went back the next week, was out three days the following. So it's been kind of a rollercoaster for the poor little guy. Unfortunately, they weren't reading his queues correctly, so they weren't feeding him hardly anything at all. Thank goodness for my daily nursing sessions, but they were also somewhat impeding his progress. I think the staff were relying on those nursing sessions, holding him off on bottles or thinking he wasn't hungry because he had nursed.

I was devastated when I found out that he had lost 7 ounces from his six-month appointment to his seven-month. They're doing a better job of feeding him now, and I hope he'll start bulking back up. It's a horrible thing when your baby, who's gained an average of almost 2 pounds per month in his first six months of life, suddenly loses half a pound. It's still eating me up just thinking about it.

In very happy news, my SIL and BIL are moving to California, and SIL is going to start caring for Jackson full-time while DH and I work. I'm so happy he'll be out of daycare and in a one-on-one environment with a trusted and loving family member. His well-being has been such a source of stress for me these past six weeks.

All that said, he's a happy little guy most of the time. He cut his first tooth, and I think another one is not far behind. He's not crawling yet, and I honestly can't say that he's super-close to doing it. He does manage to get around a lot better with shimmying, scooting, and rolling. However, he's just not that into crawling yet. He's babbling quite a bit when he's in the mood, lots and lots of dadada and a little bit of babababa. He's even said mama a few times, but that one's pretty elusive. He's not officially saying any words yet though.

I'm stoked that we're still BF, almost 8 months now. He does take solids a couple times per day, but he's still not that into them. My supply really started to dwindle with his illness and my illness and the inability to pump as much. It seems to be bouncing back though, and I just keep pumping away at work and whenever I get a chance at home.

I've been thinking AF is just around the corner, but still nothing. Just a ton of PMS symptoms with nothing to really show for them. At this point, I just want her to show up so I can start tracking my cycles again. We've decided to start TTC #2 in August, if AF has started by then.

I think that's about it. I'm going to try to get back to posting here more frequently, especially since I won't have my little buddy to go visit during my breaks here at work.

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