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April 4th, 2013, 07:45 PM
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I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and asked about when pelvic exams will begin for future appointments while visiting with my midwife today. I was informed that they do not do routine pelvic exams unless requested which I didn't know before hand. I was going to the typical Doctor practice when pregnant the first time around so I am use to being checked every week at the end.

Now I feel very torn as to if or when to request to be checked. I know I'm going to get more and more anxious towards the end of my pregnancy. I'm a very have-to-have-control and have-to-plan kind of person. I want to know...I think What would you do in this situation. Opt to be checked or opt to just let things happen and not know? If you would be checked how far would you go before asking?

I'm thinking maybe a happy middle ground is to hold off until my 39 week appointment, which will hopefully be my last, and ask to be checked then to see if any progress has been made to that point. But I'm still just not sure. I'd love some insight and thoughts.
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