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April 4th, 2013, 08:39 PM
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Obviously Im not new to JM but I am new to CDing.

My dd Raini born 6/14/12 is apparently allergic to every single sposie in the world. I have been using cloth for about 2 wks now and anytime I switch back to sposies the rash appears. SO... cloth it is.

I have AIOs, fitteds and some pockets. I have covers for the fitteds, but I am having issues with nighttime. apparently she is a heavy wetter and will soak through the cloth. Ive tried aios with covers, and pockets with covers.

I am going to try to double up on my inserts in the pockets to see if that will help. I have 3 pockets, one with hemp one with cotton and one with micro fiber. I dont know which holds best. I am VERY NEW to this. be lucky that I can remember what they are all called.. lol

I am going to be upping my stash since we're 100% gonna go cloth, so I need to figure out what to get that will work for us. Im leaning more towards the pockets thinking that I can use inserts to help with the heavy wetting. Is there a certain insert that holds more? or... am I totally off track and need to go adifferent way....


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