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April 4th, 2013, 11:24 PM
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What is your idea of a perfect day? Dang this is hard, but so funny since I flashed to movie Miss Congeniality. Have to say for Winter. Being at a cabin the mountains, with lots of snow, and a hot tub with DH & LO.
In Summer would be spending the day on a Caribbean beach with DH & LO.

What is your favorite food and what would be your 'last meal' if you could choose? Dont really have just one, but pork chops or homemade lasagna & for sure strawberries. Last meal I dont have any idea.

Do you like to go out or are you a homebody? Total homebody. DH & rarely go out. If it is its for dinner with family or just the 3 of us. I have maybe 3 friends, one who lives 3 states away.

Who is your celebrity crush? Multiple answers are acceptable Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale and Chris Pine

Are you a dog or a cat person? I'm a dog person, but since DH doesnt like dogs we have a cat and she is the only cat I like

What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Guilty pleasure music? Savannah old cancelled show on WB ; Music- nothing besides my usual country & nickelback

Is there a certain movie that can always make you cry or tear up? Yes, Transformers 2

If you could time travel, what time would you like to visit? Back to the 1980's to spend time and get to know my grandpa. He died when I was 5 so I hardly remember him

What did you first notice about DH that attracted you to him? His smile. He doesnt smile all that much but when he does its great

When did you know he was the one? We had been together almost 4 mos. Absolute no doubt was when I was going to TN to visit family and I cried for hours since I wasnt going to get to see him for almost a week. One of the nights I was gone we talked for 4 hours, it was 3am when get got off the phone.

How did he propose?? DH works for a gutter company, you need to know this. It was the weekend after I came back from TN. We went to dinner at the restaurant we had our first date at. While we were there he tosses a room key to a hotel in town on the table and says he has to go check this one room because the gutters are leaking and its coming inside. So after dinner we go to the hotel, he goes up to check on the room and I wait in the truck. Then he came down saying he needed my help to find the water damage. SO we go up, he opens the door & I walk in. There were many candles lit, with rose petals all over. I turned around and he was down on one knee. I never saw this coming.

Thank you for the amazing siggy *Kiliki*

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