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April 5th, 2013, 01:24 AM
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I do the same thing with my hubby I never told him it was time hid all the opks and bbt as well.. now this is it for us he goes out and buys be my opk with me because he knows its almost over and it means alot to me so he said were going hard until it over..wich is june.. and he told me and made shure to let me know that it was for shure over there will be no more opk or temping and trying once were done and I needed to acept that were getting older and my body has changed. I told him 1 your an *** for saying that and 2 no need to rub it in that its been 3 year of trying and have nothing to show for it. so kiss my *** lol... in a nice way I let him know dont talk to me like that and to leave his opion to hiself lol
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